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Snow Policy

If the Federal Government remains open, we will do everything possible to remain open.

  • If the Federal Government is closed, we will be closed.
  • If liberal leave is granted to Federal Government employees, you should receive notification by our new “One Call Now” system if the center is closing for the day or if you have any questions please call the center answering machine.  If the Federal Government releases its employees early, all centers will close as quickly as possible and you will be notified by the automated call system or by email to pick up your children. A report is issued by “One Call Now” verifying that all parents have been contacted.
  • If the Federal Government report time for their employees is delayed or Fairfax County Schools are closed, our opening hours will change.

In a weather emergency, if you have not received an automated call or email by 6:30 am , please check the center answering machine for a message about closing or our web site

If Fairfax County Schools are closed, the centers will not open before 9:00 AM.

  1. A final decision about the closure of the centers for the day will be made and put on the center's answering machine or sent out by the automated system no later than 6:30 AM .
  2. Should Fairfax County Schools be closed two consecutive days, our centers will make every effort to open on time the second day. “One Call Now” will notify all parents about the opening time for the second day. Notices will also be posted at the centers.
  3. If Fairfax County Schools have a delayed opening, centers will open on time.  In the event of a situation where circumstances are beyond our control and we would have to open late, you would be notified by the automated calling system.

All schools are equipped with emergency supplies and have emergency procedures in place to follow should it become necessary. Please make certain you have the phone number of your child's center. We also ask if your work, cell, or emergency numbers have changed, that you update them with the office.

If the power is out at the center at 7:00 AM, the center will remain closed for the entire day. If the power should go out during a storm, the center will contact parents and will close immediately. This is a licensing regulation.